Activities and Versions

The Edinburgh Award is run locally and wrapped around a variety of activities. Here is the list of the activities that are currently involved in the Award.

 If you are involved in an activity where the Award already exists, you will probably hear about it directly from the staff running the activity. If not, do get in touch with the lead Award contact for your activity.


Please note that the Edinburgh Award cannot credit past experiences. For example, if you are doing a summer internship and want to obtain recognition for it, you need to register for the Edinburgh Award (Work Experience) before the deadline and complete the tasks outlined in the Award process.

The areas in which the Award is available is constantly increasing. The current settings are listed below and have been categorised in order to help you find the Award Version which suits your activity. The Award Versions can also be viewed all at once by collapsing the 'All Versions' tab below. Please note that some versions will appear more than once.