Issue with Turnitin

Information from IS about what to do if Turnitin asks you to log into the system.

Sometimes Turnitin will ask you to log into Turnitin when you try to start doing your peer reviews, this is an issue within the system, most commonly affecting those using Macs. IS have shared some tips you should try to resolve this issue.

  1. Log out of and back into Learn and use a different browser
  2. Clear your browser's cache  
  3. Clear your browser's cookies
  4. If using Safari, also clear History (Reset Safari -> Clear History)
  5. Try using an Incognito window in your browser.
  6. Update your Chrome browser to the latest version - you can do this via the 3 vertical dots on your browser window. If you hover over 'Help', a little menu will show. You should click on 'About Google Chrome', then there will be browser version information in the middle of the new screen with an option to update.

    For Safari, you can go to the Apple menu, then click on 'System Settings'. Click 'General', then 'Software Update'. If any updates are available, click 'Update Now' to install them.

  7. Some students who previously had this issue managed to resolve it by using the computers at the University library, so this may be a potential alternative solution if getting to the Library is a possibility for you.


    Please note: you should close and re-open the browser before trying to access the peer reviews again.

If none of the above work then please email with a screenshot of the issue.

As long as you contact us ahead of the deadline and include a screenshot of the issue you will not be penalised.