Learning objectives

Information about the two learning objectives you should bear in mind when you are writing up your reflections and when you are assessing your peers' reflections.

Peer assessement model

If you have been informed that your Edinburgh Award cohort will be using the online peer assessment system, then at both the mid-point and the end of your Award journey you will submit a reflection and be expected to assess other students’ reflections using an online review system.

As part of this process, you will be asked to rank each piece of work  on a scale of 1 to 5 as to what extent it demonstrates the characteristics and qualities outlined in the learning objectives described below. These will be used to judge your submission and you will use them when judging other students’ submissions.

The ability to analyse and assess others’ work is important, but peer assessment can also be an excellent way of learning from the success and mistakes of others.

This peer assessment will be used to judge whether or not your submission meets the requirements of the Edinburgh Award. Staff will, however, be involved in any final pass/fail decisions.


Judging criteria

Students explaining coursework to each other.

LO1 - The ability to demonstrate reflective, analytical and critical thinking

How well does the text tell you what the person learned from analysing or thinking critically and reflectively about their experiences?

LO2 - The ability to demonstrate planned and purposeful development

Is it clear that the person has:

  • taken specific steps to try to improve their chosen skills and their impact, and
  • sought opportunities to improve, rather than simply waiting for opportunities to come to them?

When you are assessing other students’ work, it is important that you base your judgements on how effectively it demonstrates the characteristics and qualities outlined in the learning objectives. No other criteria should be used.

This is particularly important because you will be assessing submissions from students involved in different versions of the Edinburgh Award - although what they have been working on may be different, you all have the same submission requirements and learning objectives.

You may find it helpful to see examples of effective reflections and some reflection tips below.

Tips for reflection

Reflection examples