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This page displays information about the Edinburgh Award, including video testimonies from students who have previously completed the Award and from staff who run versions of the Award.


Piloted in 2011-12 with 128 completing students across 4 versions, the Edinburgh Award has grown to about 1000 completing students and 30 versions in 2022-23. The Award is constantly expanding and the number of recognised activities continues to grow.

The Award is run locally and is wrapped around a variety of activities, which means that each version is tailored to that specific activity. Staff involved in running the different versions are committed to supporting students in developing and reflecting on their skills.

Edinburgh Award - process diagram

Aspiring - In the first stage, you will be asked to identify and understand the skills and abilities you will need to achieve success in your chosen activity. You'll refine these down to three main priorities, which you'll aim to develop for the duration of the programme.

Developing - This second stage asks you to reflect on your three development priorities, to consider what you have learned and how you have made these developments during your activity. What impact have you been achieving and how could you increase this?

Owning - The final stage asks you to capitalise on your experiences, to showcase what you have learned to present yourself in the best light. You'll reflect on your three development priorities, ask what gains and impacts you have made and what relevance do they have for the future?


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